A few bits of advice to my pre baby self

No, you don’t look fat in that.  At all.  In fact, why not try a crop top?

Go buy something.  $25 bucks is not at all too much for lipstick and why not get the pricey shoes you really love? Get it all in both colors.

Never complain about being bored.  You will never not have something that needs to be done again.

Go sit at the beach. Maybe don’t even read.  Sit there, stare and do nothing – those kids on the edge of the shore are someone else’s problem.

Nah, don’t set the alarm. (unless you think there’s something charming about hearing alarms, because you’ll never need to set one again.)

Walk out of the house with nothing in your arms.

Who cares that your friend is kind of boring, and invited you out at the last minute to a place you really don’t like?  Last minute plans will vanish from your life.  There’s a chance friends might as well, at least for a while.

Just go to the Pilates class.

10 days is absolutely NOT too much time to take off of work.  And that trip to Amsterdam may seem a little steep right now, but you’d pay triple to have the opportunity to travel without a baby once you have a little baby.  Plus, you have much less luggage now.

Do not tell people how exhausted you are, especially mothers to little kids.  There will come a day when you will not sleep for a full 25 hours. And when you do go to sleep, you can only really nap because you need to feed your child.

Don’t ignore that 3 year old who is smiling and trying to get your attention from a few booths away at Panera.  It doesn’t matter that you’re trying to read the paper and pretending that the coffee is good here.  It goes a long way when you smile back.

Don’t get mad at your mommy friend who cancels at the last minute.  Her baby really is sick.  No matter what’s happening – cough, cold, fever, diarrhea – it’s awful and is disrupting her entire household.  In fact, send that friend a gift.

The only gift new parents want is food.  Send them a decent meal.

You are stronger than you know.  Every time you doubt yourself, know that you will bring something amazing into the world that you will grow, birth, love, nurture and protect.  You are a mother, and you don’t even know it yet.

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