I am now 2 years post partum. It’s time to start finding myself again.

I am now 2 years post-partum.

And although I’m 19 years old in my head, in normaltown years, I’m 36.

Wearing pajamas pants around town on a Saturday morning and having adorably messy hair is not cute anymore.   And, I can’t blame not making plans, not showing up, being a total flake, etc. on my baby, since, well, he’s not a baby.

It’s time to start finding myself again.

I read a lot of other bloggers, because I want to be like them and because I love tips.  Seriously – I used to buy literally every single lady mag out there.  I love a diet, a new regiment, an improvement plan, a cleanse, whatever.  I love the idea of re-invention.  There’s a lot of information out there, but also a lot of the same things that keep coming up over and over again.  So I’m going to start smallish and focus on those. These aren’t new ideas, but I PROMISE you my take on this will be hilarious and poignant.  Also, I’ve never really stuck to anything, so it’ll be a fun ride ending in potential failure.  Woo hoo!

So I’m going to start smallish and focus on those.

Here are the key things for me:

Get more energy 

  • drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.  Kim K drinks 20, I think I’m going to land at 12
  • eliminate processed foods
  • exercise
  • stop eating leftover food from your toddler and a million snacks per night

Look good, feel good

  • get some clothes that actually fit, aren’t 5- 7 years old, not stained, and cost more than $10.
  • Fix your damn hair.  Try a decent hair place. Stop collecting photos of SJP’s hair and actually dye it.  Maybe stop leaving the house with hair wet and hope it turns out okay.

Is the home a lady’s castle? 

  • make the bed everyday
  • spend 5 mins per day cleaning up
  • get rid of some crap already
  • plan one DIY project to make my space feel “my own.”

They are stuck with me, afterall

  • plan a creative project my family can do together
  • go on an adventure
  • write my mother a note telling her how much I love her and why
  • reconnect with an old friend and make plans with a new one.

So that’s where I’m starting.  Wish me luck!

Ready, set, go!!!!

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