Women Love Fashion Blogs

Fashion bloggers have put magazines out of business.

Have you seen these things? I mean, they crippled an industry.

Regular ladies become the new experts by showing off what they wear on a daily basis.  There’s tons of themes – NYC street style, plus-sized, maternity, workplace focused, fashion on the cheap, and even ones targeted to moms!

There’s one thing I’ve noticed – these women look too good.  Especially the working mother ones.

I’ll show you how to look great when you have minutes to focus on yourself while trying to make a train.  Fashion while you’re waiting for your bread to toast and a toddler is pulling on your leg.  It can be done ladies!!! And by that, I mean, you can get to work on time AND dressed.  Check out my Real Working Mom Fashion Blog below.

This is one of my “good” work outfits.  These jeans are probably in the top 10% of things I own, which means I paid over $100 for them, and will wear them to the office multiple times on any given week.

This is a nice shirt for work, it sort of makes me look pulled together, and it’s denim, which I believe is young and fashionable.  Notice the casual, slightly uncomfortable, “I have to pee, I think” fashion blog lady pose.


This is fun, and very serious and I am deep.  Fashion.  Also, I got to put on mascara today!


And now for the ever-important accessories.  I’ve been told they make the outfit, and can make cheap things seem better (less cheap).

This is my watch, that I think looks kinda expensive, because it’s simple and black, but I’m probably totally wrong.  And that’s my geode bracelet.  I loved geodes as a teen and my parents wouldn’t buy me one.  My son snapped it the very next day.


Another fabulous accessory! Actual blood from my toddler’s skimmed knee, injury occurred mid-shoot.  There goes one of my few good work shirts.  On second thought, I think it adds to my grittiness, and will probably wear again next week.


There’s a safety pin that I think no one can see.  I had no idea if this top would stay closed over my breasts and might have needed it in a jam.   Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  I’m not sure which is which.


I’m on a barrel.  A barrel that hides a mysterious sewer cap on my back lawn.  Whimsical! Fashion!IMG_8189

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