Proof you have zero control of your life.

Because you don’t.

You can describe exactly how you want your haircut, but you’re not a hairdresser, so it will never, ever translate.  And those pictures look nothing like your hair to begin with, so that helps no one.  How you’re describing the perfect seamless layers are meaningless.

The weather.

75% of the store will be on sale.  The shoes you like will not be on sale.  And people say you love shopping, and you don’t.  You can’t stand it. You want to save money, but you also want to get something you won’t totally hate.  You buy the expensive, non-sale shoes of course because you want to stop totally wasting your life.

Voting doesn’t seem to make sense or work.

You get (sneak) out of work early, and then the train is 20 minutes late.

You get up at 6:00am, exercise, bring your own lunch, keep skim milk in the fridge and use it, actually eat carrot sticks, all before you enter a 90 minute meeting about something you don’t care about or understand.  And then, someone walks in with literally dozens of warm baked cookies, from a place that you’ve been dying to try but can’t justify spending $5.00 on a cookie.

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